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The Story

ISTMSTYLESTM was launched February 14th, 2017. The brand represents individuality and speaks to those who are unapologetically fearless to be themselves, while being fly. It is a unisex brand that meshes the tomboy aesthetic with prominent taboo attitude.

The collections are available every odd year starting from the launch date for a duration of six months. It is exclusively isochronous because the drop months will always be February to June with July being a giveaway month. The product is only available for that month duration. Our first product was the "Ring Thee Alarm" Strapback that dropped February 14, 2017 until March 14, 2017. In July, we randomly choose ten Instagram followers to receive one mystery gift.

A live raffle drawing is conducted via our Instagram page to choose the winners here.

Amber Ashli

The Brand

An independent published fashion stylist, clothing curator and art enthusiast, born in Manhattan, New York. Amber Ashli loves fashion and to make people feel comfortable in whatever they wear.

What does ISTMSTYLES™ mean? At the age of 19, she developed the acronym I.S.T.M. Ask her what each letter represents when you work with her so a conversation can be had. STYLES was added to complete the name, plus it's what she does so it fits!

She is the first African-American female student to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Central CT State University.



Zoe Costello / Migos

Sandy Armeni / Harper's Bazaar Greece's Fashion Director​


CT Fashion Magazine

AYME Magazine

Ellements Magazine

Dyvers Magazine

BTS Assistance

Muna Khalif/ Fashion Designer

Independent Film / Wardrobe Stylist

Tears of a Phoenix

Fashion Shows - Creative Director / Wardrobe Stylist

Rockwall Studios BK, NY

The Alhambra Ballroom NY, NY

The Griffin NY, NY

Tagine NY, NY

Central CT State University

Southern CT State University

Show Manager

The Master Pioneer Awards Menswear Fashion Show

Music Videos - Wardrobe Stylist/Extra

Deon Arcade

Cocoa Sarai

fashion styling photoshoot

Styling Services

Amber Ashli will style you from head to toe for your next event! Open to new, developing and/or established models as well as talent pursing music, acting, or comedy within entertainment. This can include but not limited to photoshoots, video shoots, appearances, shows, performances, and private events.

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