26 Mar 2018


You're awoken right? Up early or late, getting ready or not...the in between routine...yadda yadda. Ok! So, eventually within whatever it is you are doing, you come across my title. Dig deeper? Certainly.

Virgil Abloh as of March 26, 2018 became LVMH also known as Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy's newest artistic director. The first Black; this is mighty. Existing as an Illinois native cuttin' records or a fashion power player running shows, for the runway...yes! Years ago, he developed with Kanye West a constructive relationship where an internship sparked the creative vision for many artistic projects. TIP: Releasing imagery, it is necessary to deliver high quality and individualism. Nowadays people like to look at images instead of read...don't debate me I took a poll on Instagram. *busts out laughing* This is true.

Mr. Abloh's OFF-WHITE clothing brand lifted the veil of simple creativity conquering the street vibe which launched in 2013. ​View images below. Continuing...

Images courtesy of Sidewalk Hustle

The crafty, Virgil Abloh did not take the route pursing fashion school to attain this current achievement. As a civil engineering and architectural alumni, that technical background merries the skill of detail, creative thinking, development and leadership needed in fashion design. No wonder! This is gracious and dually motivating considering I share half the background. Whet? Click here.

I commend and congratulate Mr. Abloh as it is a deserving and exciting accomplishment and I am sure the upcoming releases will be greatly effective to the wave of people drooling for his next body of work.