school of style
14 May 2018

School of Style: Menswear

Give me that visual please!
An email was received stating there will be a Menswear Masterclass by School of Style taking place, Monday May 14th LIVE at 6pm ET (3pm PST) by Luke Storey and Lauren Messiah.
You know I signed up right? It was free and lasted about an hour and one half lol.

Let's just say the engagement was greatly informative. I learned some key topics to the anatomy of man which significantly plays a role to the outfit. Three for ecto/endo/meso frames ha! The purpose was to briefly touch on how to style men and double your income as a stylist.
The details will stay minimal for the sake of their program's creative content and that they offer an online self paced course. Read more here.

Special thanks to Luke for commenting on a prior post too. I want to see.


Why men?

Most recently, I chose to narrow down my sector of styling to men because my aesthetic tailors the hidden tomboy in women but represented on a male effortlessly. I mean these are labels though. Plus, the paradigm is changing where men are gradually expressing themselves more candidly via clothing. First session free, email me to get styled and understand this lane. Let's have a word with one another.

Do you know who the male musician is above?
Welp! He's legendary in a category of art I style for.
Men in Music.
Men in Film.
Men in TV.
Men in ART.
Comment below your answer. Love.