16 May 2019

Free Workshop: How to measure yourself

New workshops will ensue as we are aiming to cultivate new relationships with those artistic individuals looking to create their own art with fashion. To those that want to learn more about fashion and where their individuality shines. To those that are within a plane of creativeness looking to network with others. The workshops are free for anyone willing to learn and have discussions in a positive environment.

The first workshop held May 16th 2019 6-7pm ET at the studio introduced a new avenue ISTMSTYLES™ turned on. Entitled, How To Measure Yourself where this event provided tips and tricks on how to properly attain measurements on oneself for standard American clothing. As well, all attendees received a free gift.

New workshops are brewing and we are looking to keep them going monthly so subscribe to our email list and support us on IG to be in the know about the next one!